SVQG Throw Quilt Raffle

Thank you for your interest in our Throw Quilt raffle! Winners were drawn on July 15, 2016. All winners have been notified!


Our members created eight distinctive and unique lap quilts for our Guild fundraiser! From paper piecing to pictorial, traditional to modern, there was something for everyone!

Raffle Quilts

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1 – “Be Koi With Me”
Be Koi With Me 2016 SVQG Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to David Warren!

This 50″ x 68″ quilt showcases scenic panels of Japanese koi in brilliant hues of brown, blue and gold. The koi theme is further enhanced with the subtle, koi-pattered quilting.


Made by Sue Livsey, Simone Rigden & Margaret Donnelly

2 – “Our Favorite Friends”
Our Favorite Friends - 2016 Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to Gale Thomas!

This 48″ x 60″ quilt is an animal lover’s dream! Whimsical, beautifully made and utterly enchanting, this paper pieced quilt is in great demand! Cats, dogs, flowers…what could be more fun?


Made by Sue Wheatley, Joan Pushee, Ellen Fisher & Claudia Alvarez

3 – “Falling Leaves”
Falling Leaves - 2016 SVQG Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to Daryl D’Angelo!

This 52″ x 68″ brings the most beautiful fall colors to life. Artfully pieced squares in greens. golds, reds, oranges and more are bordered by a leaf pattern. The squares are softened by the elegant swirl of the quilting.


Made by Kristine Billings, Gale Chan, Pat Zambri & Betty Mazzaro

4 – “A Postcard From NH”
A Postcard From New Hampshire 2016 SVQG Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to Fay Shedd!

This 51″ x 71″ landscape quilt provides a scenic tour through the State of New Hampshire. From the farms and bucolic scenes to the Old Man of the Mountain, you’ll recognize the beauty of New Hampshire in these wonderful panels. This truly one-of-a-kind quilt will reflect your love of the State!


Made by Bonnie Myers, Jeannie Weller, Lynn Wolaver & Stephanie Hyams

5 – “Frozen Stars in a Silver Sky”
Falling Stars in a Silver Sky - SVQG 2016 Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to Grover Penny!

This 57″ x 68″ quilt is stunning with its cool blue, grey and white star blocks and the exquisite quilting. Modern quilting at its best, this quilt is a beautiful showpiece that will enhance any decor!


Made by Sue Boots, Lisa Teichmann, Annick Bouvier-Selwyn, Rene Therrien, Patty Magaw & Marie Joerger

6 – “Feathered Stars”
Feathered Stars 2016 SVQG Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to Susan Lightfoot!

This colorful 52″ x 70″ quilt mixes beautiful, intricate featured stars with a rainbow of brilliant color. The colorful striped border pulls from and enhances the color scheme, framing and accentuating the fine quilt blocks. Sleep under the stars with this quilt!


Made by Bonnie Myers, Carol Krasin, Claudia Alvarez, Connie Wisneski, Jeannie Weller & Ruth Bean

7 – “All American Pinwheels”
All American Pinwheels 2016 SVQG Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to Norma Russell!

This 47″ x 64″ quilt in red, white and blue not only showcases our national colors, but also reflects the stars in our flag through the stars and swirls in the wonderful quilting. You’ll be proud to display and use this quilt any day of the year!


Made by Barbara Tortorelli, Jean Cannon & Gail Pinet

8 – “Garden of Scraps”
Garden of Scraps 2016 SVQG Quilt Raffle

Winner: Congratulations to David Warren!

This 50″ x 63″ quilt beautifully captures the origins of quilting — the use of small ‘scraps’ of fabric to create a beautiful and functional blanket! While this quilt uses a number of fabrics, the result is a beautiful array of colors reminiscent of a garden of flowers! You’ll love the colors and the construction!


Made by Carole Kopser, Lisa Scalia, Lou St. Onge, Barbara J. Warren & Barbara L. Warren